Why is the catering charge higher than grocery delivery?

We are charging for delivery to guarantee delivery efficiently at your desired time request. Your order will go out in a van, handled to remain hot/cold depending on the item that you order and will be dropped to your door!
If you do not need your order at a specific time, we can send it with our on-line delivery team, who will deliver your order some time between 9 am-5 pm.

What happens if I order a grocery order at the same time for delivery?

No problem! We will put your groceries together with your catering order and deliver everything at once at the desired time you request!

What happens if I cannot find the products that I am looking for?

Please reach out to us at catering@hurleysgroup.com to coordinate a customized catering menu. We will be happy to help!

Do you service big events?

We are happy to discuss any catering needs that you may have, and can help you build a menu that accommodates your guests! We have serviced events with 250+ guests, and can even offer food set up service, chafing dish and utensil rental to make entertaining easy!

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