Christmas meal orders are now open!

This year we’re doing things differently! You can now build your own, customized Christmas dinner.
Choose from a variety of sides, meat and charcuterie items to make your Christmas one-of-a-kind!
Let us help you create Christmas Memories that will last a lifetime.

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The perfect way to start your meal off right!

Baked Goods

Treat yourself to some freshly-baked goodies today!

Deli Trays

Deli Trays make a great addition to any party or gathering!

From Our Wokery

Made with fresh ingredients and lots of flavour!

Fruit & Vegetables

Delicious, healthy selection of our freshly prepared fruit & vegetables

Hot Entrees

The perfect way to enjoy a delicious meal without the fuss!


Tantalize your taste buds with our delicious pre-made Salads


Taste the deliciousness of our gourmet sandwiches today!


The perfect accompaniment to any meal!

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